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Gleap, an Austrian-based startup—formally known as Bugbattle—is an all-in-one customer feedback tool for websites and apps.

Gleap supports the whole software development lifecycle. From intuitive bug reporting with annotated screenshots, video replays, direct follow-up with users. Nothing gets lost in communication.

With Bugbattle becoming more than just a bug tracking tool, a name change was in order. We worked closely with Gleap to give them a full rebrand, as well as brand new website.

Gleap logo splash
Gleap logo spacing
Gleap logo full
Gleap jumper
Gleap sticker
Gleap inter typeface
Gleap dodger blue
Gleap heliotrope
Gleap pink lace
Gleap apple
Gleap corn
Gleap thunderbird
Gleap widget branding
Gleap widget web
Gleap widget mobile
Gleap landing page
Gleap web cards
Gleap icons 1
Gleap icons 2

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